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Monkaaba Mitaca Arrives, Baho Afloat

Mitaca (flycrop coffees) from Huila have landed and are in store now. Amongst the remaining coffees are a traceable region lot representing our effort to purchase all levels of quality from the producers we work with plus a few lots from smallholders making their first international microlot sale. 

Our biggest purchase ever from Baho Coffee is now on the water and slated to arrive across December and January on both the East and West Coast. We've got sparkling washed coffees, juicy naturals, and big bodied honeys sourced from the same single producers and producer groups we've been working with since 2020, plus a few newcomers!


Check the spot and prebook list here. 

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We've launched Semilla Micro-Finance, an initiative aimed at crowd-funding financial support to be redistributed to the Global South coffee professionals who make our work possible. 

Click the button below to learn more and to make a donation of your choosing to any of the four groups Semilla advocates for. 

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Semilla (f. seed) is what lies dormant, waiting to emerge. 

Specialty coffee emerged two decades ago with the goal of not only securing quality raw material but also of changing an outdated and convoluted buying system. 

Today, change has still not truly arrived. Improvement has been seen, but many problems still remain, some worse than ever. 

Semilla aims to advocate and support a select group of producers via the importation and sale of their coffees. The goal here is not simply to buy the best lots and sell them, but rather to commit to specific groups who lack market access with a long term vision of not only building their client base but also lending support in the form of physical infrastructure and skill building. You can find more about this in our About Semilla section. 

Semilla also aims to serve as an online platform of ideas for and about change. We seek to produce well-researched, thoughtful and objective analyses of the specialty coffee industry, and issues that surround it, with the fundamental goal of better centring coffee producers in the value stream. You can find the beginnings of this under the Writings and Resources tab and we'll be continuing to add in-depth articles and interviews on our blog covering a variety of topics from the supply side of coffee production. 

Semilla is where we an imagine a new future, and work to see it being born. 

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